Designing Office Stary and Partner, LLC, was established in 2004 and it is a follow-up of the previous work of the Designing Office Stary that had been active since 1993.

Our company offers close co-operation with investor since the very first steps of investment plan, verification of the locality of future construction, definition of possible difficulties and pitfalls, the arrangement of working up of necessary research and studies. Subsequently we offer the production of designing documentation on every level, starting with material and architecture studies and all documents necessary for zoning decision and building permit, up to documentation of realization. During the process of working up the documentation we ensure the management of the project as well as the coordination of all professional parts via our leading engineer of the project. Under the terms of our cover-all services offer we arrange all necessary building permits and engineering activity. During the realization of any investment project we provide for authorial supervision of the construction; technical supervision is also possible if needed. Within the terms of each project we put great stress on economic side of any construction plan.

Our team consists of 9 internal designers and also of external professionals knowledgeable in various professions with long-time practice in bigger constructions.

Ing. Jiří Starý

Ing. Pavel Hrdina